Superdummies introduction to Microbiology

So you say, what is Microbiology?

Well, let us try to slice up that word. Make sure your knife is sharp. I am Superfarmer so I am using a machete like this.
I know it is pretty long and it won’t fit. Also, not only the Army use machete, Superfarmer too.

The word Micro means Super small. It is soo small that they had to borrow the first part of my name, Super. As far as “biology” well, let’s slice it up further. Bio means life. You see we have to get a life. Logy means the study of something. If you don’t believe me look it up in the dictionary to study it. That’s what I did. I am not a genius, Einstein was.

So, let us put it all together now. Microbiology is the study of something that has life and is super small. You didn’t like that one. Okay, give me another chance. How about this one. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms. Whew! Wow! That is loaded! You like that one didn’t you?

So, Microbiology is about those things you can’t see with your unaided eyes. In fact, you are surrounded by them. Don’t look around. As I said you can’t see them. They are inside your body. They are everywhere!

Scared yet? Don’t worry! Most of them are not harmful! They are normal microbiota, which means they are helping us. For instance, they help digest the food we eat.

In addition, they help make the food we eat and the wine, oh yeah, the booze, you drink. Notice, I said “you drink”. I don’t drink no more, only scotch and vodka on special occasions. But that’s another story. If you do drink, don’t drink and drive though. It is not good. But if you can’t control yourself, please let us know so that you’ll have the highway to yourself at that time.

Sorry for the digress, it is my brain acting up again. I think it is the way my neurons and all those branches are intermingled. Going back to the topic, I said don’t worry about microbes. However, I take that back. Maybe you should worry a little since unfortunately, some microorganisms can kill us.



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